Storm Damage Photo Gallery

commercial building and black mold

Commercial Building with Stained Ceiling Tile

Did you know some commercial roof leaks are often caused by poor roof drainage? Even a small storm or wind can cause your commercial roof to leak into your location. Most owners do not pay attention to a stained tile on their ceiling thinking it is due to aging and let them go. Wet ceiling tiles can cause many issues here are some examples: 

  • Can have black mold growth 
  • Can fall at any time 
  • Every time it rains it they can continue to expand and can continue to other tiles. 

SERVPRO of West Brevard to come to inspect your tiles 

Call us at: 321-953-8600 

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Flood damage and mold

Flooded floor with hidden mold in vanity base.

When storms hits and roof damage causes flooding in homes. Even if you think you dried the area up sometimes there is hidden mold growth. Example: In the bathroom and kitchen if you have water at least a few inches deep and it penetrates the wood in areas you can not see like in the photo. A few weeks later you start to smell moisture and it becomes a puzzle where it is coming from. If you have storm damage and water came into your home or location call SERVPRO of West Brevard at 321-953-8600 and we will assist you in the process to prevent the mold from growing. 

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Ceiling fell due to storm

Fallen ceiling due to storm.

Storms do happen and we try to be prepared for them. Sometimes if it rains too much it can cause the soil to be drenched and trees can fall on your home. There is a large variation of storm damage that can happen from trees falling, roofs coming off, flooding, and power loss. If you experience any type of storm damage our expert team and we will make it feel "Like it never even happened."

Technician extracting water from carpet through exterior door


The only intruder in this home is rain water. When it excessively rains and floods your home, you know you have to call a professional. Here at SERVPRO we are able to handle any water restoration situation! 


Storm damage can be brutal. In this case they not only had water loss but tree loss as well. Fear not, SERVPRO can handle whatever you throw at them. No job is too large or too small. 

Storm prep is important

With hurricane season in full swing, it is important to have a plan and an emergency kit packed and ready to go.  Knowing what you will need, where you will go and what you will take with you are all important things to review with your family prior to needing it.

Recent storms cause roof damage

This Lokosee home has been the victim of our recent sever storms that have blown through.  Their roof was damaged causing water to leak through.  Once they had the roof repaired, we were able to come in and get the damaged materials out before causing secondary damage.

Heavy rains cause flooding in residential area

This Saint Could, Florida home had a few inches of water in their home.  This trailer is full of the damaged materials we removed from their home.  Getting the wet materials out is important!  This will prevent secondary damage to the property.